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    Chapter 01

    Have you ever had the sensation of butterflies in your stomach? Your brain and gut are intertwined, as evidenced by this sensation.

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    Chapter 02

    When the digestive and hormonal functions of the gut-brain are adequately cared for, it performs at its peak, just like a healthy and well-fed brain would.

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    Chapter 03

    Psychological and emotional well-being are strongly influenced by the microorganisms in your digestive tract.

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    Chapter 04

    Every time you see stories about the obesity crisis, you know how bad it is for the country.

Gut health

About The Author

meet lisa jagnarine

Lisa Jagnarine is a certified spiritual and life coach (CSC, CLC), and licensed life and health, insurance advisor. in addition, she is an awakened soul, humanitarian, and philanthropist. Before Coaching, she spent 25+ years in the corporate world in various roles of business analyst, administrator, coordinator, medical underwriter, and consultant. most of the first decade was spent working at the Ontario medical association.

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Meet lisa jagnarine
About Gut Health Book

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gut Health

& It’s Relation with Physical, Mental& Spiritual Wellbeing

In the health and wellness industry, gut health has been a major focus. Gut, also called “Gastrointestinal health,” refers to the function and balance of bacteria in the various parts of the digestive tract. According to research, the gut and brain have a direct connection, which means they interact with each other. In fact, the gut contains more neurons than the spinal cord, so it’s you are overall depending on your mental, emotional, and spiritual health in the book we will discuss and about learn how to keep your gut life healthy and you will get some tips to improve your personal and professional life.

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It’s Relation with Physical, Mental & Spiritual Wellbeing

The book is about you being in the best of health and the trailer of the book gives you an explanation of how important is to be in the best of our health.

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