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Hello, Beautiful Soul!

Welcome to the Goddess of Light Spiritual Life Coaching Inc. from Founder and Director, Lisa Jagnarine.

My Mission is to empower the world through Life, Spiritual, Career, Transformational, Holistic, Mindset, Well-Being, Empowerment, Relationship Coaching, and More.
My Vision is to enlighten you to find your inner light.
My core value is coaching with empathy and without judgement.

I am a certified Spiritual and Life Coach (CSC, CLC), a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), a licensed Life and Health Insurance Advisor. I am an awakened soul, humanitarian and philanthropist.

Prior to coaching, I spent 25+ years in the corporate world in various roles: Business Analyst; Administrator; Coordinator; Medical Underwriter; Consultant. Most of the first decade was spent working at the Ontario Medical Association. The others were spent in the Banking and Insurance Industry: Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce; Foresters Financial; Sun Life Financial; Desjardins Financial Security; and Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network.

Surrendering to my gifts of deep empathy and heightened intuition.

From a very young age, growing up, many would confide in me and find support, strength, warmth, and peace in doing so. Little did I realize how powerful and positive of an impact this bond had on their lives. Similarly, by not knowing or having that sense of awareness, I ignored many calls along my journey. The calls became so much louder that they no longer went unnoticed. After much hesitation and deliberation, I was forced to turn inward for answers. I was pleasantly delighted with a beautiful awakening to my higher purpose, hence, Goddess of Light Spiritual Life Coaching, Inc. was born. Today, I happily dedicate my life towards helping others to find their inner light and support them to emerge and shine brightly.

Leveraging from my vast experience and gifts, coupled with my passion and a body, mind, spirit approach, I partner with clients to identify, develop, and make healthy, purposeful transformations in both their personal, and professional lives with intentional outcomes. I meet clients where they are, and with a laser sharp focus, provide a safe space for clarity, direction, support, and accountability to get them to where they want to be.

I find immense fulfillment in what I do, and it is an honor to guide my clients through this beautiful path of awakening the dormant potential in their lives using proven tools and strategies.

People all over the world long for connection, and it is my privilege to continue this journey as a life-long learner by actively transforming lives, one person at a time.

We all have a light within us, and there is nothing more gratifying than seeing someone's brilliance shine through.

When I am not coaching, I spend time nourishing my soul to better serve my clients. Additionally, I am raising three beautiful children, and I share my soul with an amazing man whom I would not have met, had I given up along my journey.

From my soul to yours, with love and gratitude, I hope to shine light, and raise consciousness on your journey.


Lisa Jagnarine

Founder and Director, CSC, CLC..

“My Soul purpose is to help you find yours.” - Lisa Jagnarine

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