Top Five Qualities To Look For When Hiring A Spiritual Life Coach

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You can have a fantastic job, a great circle of friends, and a family that loves you, but then all of a sudden, your whole world comes crashing down on you. Things that once felt enjoyable now feel mundane. If this scenario sounds familiar, working with a spiritual life coach to identify the issue and restore the light is essential.

However, not all spiritual life coaches are certified and have the relevant training to rebalance your mind, body, and spirit holistically. So if you’re seeking a professional to help turn your life around, here’s a list of the top five things to look for in a Spiritual Life Coach.

1. Authenticity
Why is authenticity important? Authenticity builds trust between your coach and you. Without trust, you won’t be able to thrive in your partnership with your coach. Authenticity translates into honesty which opens up the pathway for the flow and ease of communication, creativity, and healthy exchange. These are all necessary and equally important for the coaching process to be effective. Authenticity is what binds the relationship. As humans, we are naturally programmed to be authentic. If your coach is not living their authentic self, this will produce stress and affect all aspects of the coaching relationship. As a result, they would not be able to guide you in the best way possible towards your best interests.

2. Knowledge
Why do we seek out a coach? Many of us would hire a coach to help us meet big goals, to solve challenges in a specific part of our daily lives, or we may just want to see improvement in other areas. These issues could be very challenging to manage, such as career, spirituality, leveling-up, health, or self-improvement. Your social life could also be suffering, and you may be seeking a soulmate or life partner.

Whatever the situation you face, you need a knowledgeable coach to assist you in uncovering what is holding you back so that you can work cohesively together and make a plan to overcome the obstacles in your path.

It would help if you had an experienced coach to guide you toward your goals. A coach who would be there as a pillar of support to inspire you to be your best authentic self. Someone who has been there and achieved a certain level of success in their field will know what is possible for you. They would also know how best to get you there. They will have your back and equip you with the tools that will ensure you step up your game, as every relationship is unique.

3. Non-judgemental
Why do we need our coach to be there for us in a non-judgemental way? Your coach will partner with you, and they will peel back layer by layer of your old wounds, patterns, behaviors, and beliefs to set you free. In doing so, many things may surface, some of which may joyfully excite you or induce fear and pain.

You may realize that your social, moral, or religious beliefs may differ entirely from your coach’s. However, that does not give your coach the right to judge you. They are there to provide guidance, not to judge you. It’s essential for you to feel completely at ease while you discuss your problems with your coach.

4. Active listening
What is active listening, and why is it important for your coach to have this quality? We all want to be heard to get our point across. When engaging with your coach, it is worth noting how they connect with you. Do you get a feeling that they care about you? Will your achievements be a source of genuine pride and joy for them? Or have they just completed a course on becoming a six-figure coach and are now on the hunt for the next victim?

Coaches serve and do so with care. They care who their clients are, how they feel, and most definitely care about their clients’ successes. They get to know the real you by listening, which allows them to fully connect and help you re-design a better story for yourself. With that said, your coach doesn’t have to be running around on a high, which can be a red flag.

5. Laser focus
What is meant by focus? Focus promotes a positive experience and guides you to reach your goals successfully. Without it, you would not get very far with your goals, which may be a complete waste of your time, money, and energy.

By having a laser focus, your coach is not just focused. You are their entire focus. In this, your coach can effectively reason and tap into their problem-solving and decision-making skill-set. Your coach must be wholly committed and give you their undivided attention for the duration of time while they are working with you.

I hope these tips will prepare you for choosing the perfect coach to help with your personal development. If you’re looking for a certified spiritual life coach in Toronto, ON, contact Lisa Jagnarine at Goddess Of Light Spiritual Life Coaching Inc.

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