Five Things To Look Forward To In The Coming Year

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The COVID-19 pandemic, while hopefully dying out, has changed the landscape of work and upended many lives. Work-from-home orders have caused us to gain weight, COVID-19 has taken many jobs, and a lack of funds and exhaustion are common.

How can we rectify this situation? Is less motivation, a lack of self-confidence, an unworthy outlook, and a depressed state of mind something we got to live with? Hell no!

Here at Goddess of Light Spiritual Life Coaching Inc., I believe you have the right to live a life full of goodness, progress, and joy. My mission is to empower the world through Life, Spiritual, Career, Transformational, Holistic, Mindset, Well-Being, Empowerment, Relationship Coaching, and More. Here is what you can look forward to.

1. Identify what really matters

This is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your family this upcoming year. Take some time out for yourself and reflect on what matters most in your life. Ask yourself, “what do I want my life to look like?” Once you have identified your top priorities, it will be easier for you to set boundaries and goals that will help you reach them.

2. Set boundaries

Setting boundaries is essential for mental well-being. Establish rules with yourself and your family and try sticking to them as much as possible. You can also set boundaries with people around you by saying no if something doesn’t feel right or if it takes away from time spent on self-care activities or hobbies.

3. Plan exciting family activities

Why not plan fun activities with your family, such as game nights, movie marathons, virtual trips worldwide, etc.? Not only will these activities bring joy and entertainment into your home, but they can also strengthen bonds between family members!

4. Set time for family

The pandemic has made it more challenging than ever for families to spend quality time together due to restrictions on travel and social distancing guidelines in place almost everywhere around the world. Make sure you take advantage of any opportunity available for quality family bonding, such as having dinner together every night or going out on socially distant outings when possible!

5. Shorten or eliminate activities done solely out of personal obligation

We all have responsibilities that we must meet but make sure that these don’t become draining activities done out of obligation instead of passion or desire! Take some time out during the upcoming year to reassess which actions are necessary and which are just taking up too much energy without providing any real benefit or enjoyment!

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